We are experienced electricians with over 20 years in the field and can ensure that your EVSE is installed correctly without any issues. EVC also handles the county’s inspection and paperwork process if necessary, relieving you of all the stress. We can also supply your portable or stationary Level II (220v) EVSE charging station.

EVSE installation includes:

- Site inspection to ensure equipment is installed in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications.

- Correctly install Level II (220v/240v) EVSE in your garage, driveway, etc.

- Install or move existing 110v outlets.

- Electrical Panel upgrades to support your new 220v/240v EVSE.

As Licensed Contractors our Residential and Commercial services also include:

- Lighting Design

- Whole House Rewire

- New Construction

- Light Fixture Installation

- Fluorescent Light and Ballast           Installation and Change

- Ceiling Fan Installation and Repair

- Electrical Switches, Outlets &           Fixtures

- Electrical Wiring or Panel                 Upgrades

- Bath and Exhaust Fan                 Installation and Repair

- Home Theater           Installation

- Digital CCTV

- Intercom Systems

- Security Systems

- Automation

- Outdoor A/V & Lighting

- Plasma, LCD, LED, &         Projector   Installation

- Troubleshooting

Level 2 Electric Vehicle (EV) Chargers Recharge Fast.

A Level 2 Residential Home Charging Station uses 240 volt power from your home's main electrical panel to recharge your electric car in four to eight hours, depending on the type of station and vehicle. Powering an electric car from a standard residential electrical outlet can take twice as long and is less energy efficient. The quality of the installation will also affect the time to charge your vehicle and efficiency (the electrical energy cost to charge your vehicle).   

Home Charging Stations Require Dedicated Circuits.

To deliver the power necessary to quickly charge an electric vehicle, home charging stations require a dedicated circuit from the charging station to a 240V breaker in your main electrical panel box. We have the right tools, skills, and equipment to safely and neatly install your new circuit . . . regardless of the distance of the panel from the charging station.

Installs any Home Charging Station at a Lower Price.

We are independent electricians and can install any brand electric vehicle charging system. Also, unlike dealership promoted installers, we are local electricians. We know the building codes and standards in your area so you get a perfect installation. Plus, we offer great rates. You can supply our own charging system or we provide one for you.

Electrical Upgrades to Accommodate Electric Car Charging Stations.

A few homes may not be equipped to handle the additional load necessary for quickly charging your electric vehicle and may require a newer electrical panel or even a higher amperage service. Our licensed electricians will complete a professional review and electrical load calculations to ensure a safe installation. When an upgrade is needed, we are experts at installing new panels and upgrading electrical services. California's best electrician to get your car charger installed today!